Monday, November 18, 2013

From Bathroom To Kitchen

Two things today. The Food Network and Bounty paper towels. Which one should I tackle first? Bounty came first so I will start there. I have to go around about this.

When I was a kid we always used Scot Tissue (toilet paper). I was one of 11 people in the house. We were lucky not to use newspaper. When I was married with two children and in my thirties, I had a party at my house (big shock there!) and a neighbor was there who just got back from 18 months in the Netherlands to be with her husband who was temporarily transferred there. Anyway, she came up to me, apparently after returning from my powder room, and, in front of everyone, asked me if I was from a third world country, due to the quality of my t.p. Wow, I was mortified. I had no clue. Since then, I have always used Charmin. Frankly, I like Scot better and finally admitted it to myself. We use it (G agrees)in our bathrooms, not the ones that guests frequent.

In that same vein, I saw a commercial for a new brand of paper towel and I think it was named Sparkle. This was up north and I don't know why it's been on my mind ever since. There is this crazy middle aged 'angel' in the ad, spewing the benefits of this new cost effective paper towel. Everything in the commercial caught my eye (fabulous ad campaign), especially when this crazy looking angel said something to the effect that, 'when your paper towel doesn't have to hold up a bowling ball' and I started thinking, yeah, I have the mindset that I have to get what I consider the best and who says it's the best? What I use paper towels is basically for cooking bacon in the microwave, blotting up minor spills and there is no reason for me to use and spend money for soft, absorbent to the extreme paper towels. I haven't gone over to the other side yet but I am going to make rueben balls today and that's a lot of deep frying and ultimately, paper towel usage. Now the thing that comes to mind is, is it worth it to take the time to go to the store to buy inferior towels? And that's wrong anyway. For what I use them for, they are not inferior!!!!

Yesterday was a horrible day for noseeems.  I have a minimum of thirty bites on me.  But I digress.

I turned on the tv yesterday to watch the second or third show of the new 'Next Food Network Star', Damaris Phillips.  She's a hoot.  The tv was still on when the show after her came on.  It was called 'Farmhouse Rules' and it surely didn't seem like anything I would be interested in.  But I gotta tell you, I liked it.  I think she is ever so gently a replacement for Paula Deen.  So much so that I printed out the recipe for dinner and headed to the Publix to get the ingredients and made it for dinner.

Here is the finished product.  It is lamb stew.  The stew is fabulous and not a lot of work.

Here's a closeup of it.  The antlers are potato wedges that were oven baked and then sprinkled with park.  It can also be served over egg noodles or any starch you want.  I am thinking, polenta?


wpritchett said...

As a plumber's wife, I can tell you now to STOP using Charmin. It will clog up septics, sewer lines and toilets over time. I was always a Charmin girl, too, until I married Mike. My all-time favorite is now replaced by Sam's brand. It's a close run to Cottonelle, which I love to. But love Sam's Club pricing better.

Gayle from MI said...

I like Scott tissue better too. I hate the mess that the premium stuff makes with the white dust going everywhere. Not to mention that before we had the premium toilet papers no one in the adult world needed "wipes"!