Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Fun and Glamorous? You Tell Me

Okay, and this is serious. We have been invited to a dinner dance and the invite says that dress is fun and glamorous. Now I ask you, what is that? It's at a party room at a beach club with a big band sounding band flown in from New York. Do I wear cut offs with lots of jewelry? My wedding dress with tennis shoes? You tell me. I have no clue.

 I was so blown away in viewing my friend Wendy's hydroponic garden that I had to take G over to see it. It would be something we could do as a couple.
It's gardening without soil.  Wendy did the research (the ways of doing this are endless)
and although she is wildly successful, she has already seen many ways of improvement she can implement next year.

This is a bunch of lettuce that she took out of its watering hole to show me the roots.

This picture didn't turn out very well but can you see the pepper at the end of the plant?  It is so tiny.  This type of gardening is really taking off.  You need very little space to do it and it involves a small pump ($20) and the contraption to house the plants.  It needs electricity and fertilizer, water and the start up plant.

This is Wendy and her hydroponic tomato patch.  She is experimenting in all sorts of ways to do this. It's fun and tasteful!!!!!


maggie z. said...

fun and glam,hmm...i'd go with one of your cute short dresses and tons of jewelry.a 'la gatsby....why not?! love wendy's garden!

Gayle from MI said...

I'm thinking somewhere between Cindy Lauper and Marylin Monroe. Good luck. I hate theme parties for just this reason.

Robbie said...

Beaded (of course!) jeans, silk or satin blouse and pearls! Of course pumps or boots (over your jeans)...that's this cow girl's take!