Monday, November 11, 2013

Fun And Glamorous

Well, the fun and glamorous party has come and gone.  The dinner dance last night was quite something.  The people who threw this wedding (that's what I called it except there was no bride or groom.) flew down this

world famous band from New York.  There were well over a hundred people that were treated like celebrities.  The passed appetizers were fantastic.

You can't tell from this picture but my dress was covered in clear sequins and my 'fun' was my red cowboy boots.  One lady had on a top hat and a guy had a tux and one of those hats with the brim all around it, in pink.  Most everyone decided that the 'fun' should not be addressed.  Oh, and is that the biggest shoulder on a female you have ever seen?  I am firing my photographer.  This angle of a human being should not be allowed!
The tables were all named after big band songs and I was placed at the 'Night and Day' table.  It was assigned seating so G and I were separated.

The whole thing took place outside in perfect weather.  Our tables surrounded a beautiful lit pool.

The first course was heirloom tomatoes, watermelon, feta squares and mixed greens.  Spectacular.

The mashed potatoes were amazing and the filet and some sort of white fish were cooked to perfection. The topper of beans and mushrooms tied the whole plate together perfectly.

This was dessert.  I don't actually know what it was made up of because I am not a sweet eater and didn't want to pick through it and ruin it for someone else.  It looked good tho.

There was lots of fun and dancing.  I need to send out a thank you for being invited to such a wonderful gig without it being a fund raiser.  That doesn't happen often!!!!


maggie z. said...

you look mahvelous dahling!! love the boots, and g is looking sporty as well!!

SpikeMuffin said...

Love the ring.

Arleen said...

You all are a very nice looking couple! Love the red cowboy boots. I had a pair I gave away along with my red bowling ball...


Robbie said...

You look adorable!!! Meal looks WOW!