Saturday, November 30, 2013

Gobble Gobble

As it always happens, because we don't host Thanksgiving dinner at our house (everyone else is in a different state), we don't get left overs and we are sorely in need of them.  This year we decided to deep fry a turkey.

This turkey turned into two.  Not really but my sis is here and we asked her if she wanted one of her own and she took us up on it.  After all, it freezes beautifully.

We have deep fried turkeys before but this one is an electric fryer rather than the messy gas one we had before.  In fact, even doing it outside, we managed to pretty much wreck a sidewalk with sputtering peanut oil.  The directions call for a 14 pound turkey.  G went to the store to get the turkey and called home and asked me to reread the pound requirements and I said, why?  He said that he is looking at a couple fresh turkeys that are 14.3 lbs and another that is 14.7.  I gave him the a-okay that they would surely work just fine.  After all, we could cut off a leg, right?

 Then when the two turkeys were almost done (they take about an hour each to cook to temp) I decided that we should continue on for some turkey breasts to use in

making turkey get for the freezer, as it is a very popular casserole.  We got three six pound breasts and they are all cooked and ready for removing from the bones to measure and freeze for when I get around to making the casseroles.
My sis and I went to JoAnns and Hobby Lobby yesterday to take advantage of 50% off Christmas stuff.  Right after we got home, my sis honkered down and made this beautiful wreath.  Today is  a sewing day.  Yeah!

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Robbie said...

I hate not having left overs from Thanksgiving too...I am picking up turkey this coming week to make next weekend for us! Love having turkey in the freezer and turkey pot pie is the BEST!!! Glad you've had a great time with family and now back in the sewing room! That's going to be me Sunday! Woo hoo!