Friday, November 08, 2013

Gone Fishin'

Wow, I did 65 minutes on the pilates reformer, cadillac and mat.  I thought that when I finished, I was going to throw up.  It wasn't difficult but it was very intense.  I had to think so hard about what my muscles were doing, after 45 minutes, I was watching the clock any minute, thinking that the 55 minute private lesson was just that; no, ten grueling minutes longer was what put me over the top.  So, in way things are with me, I am going back tomorrow morning to do it all over again.  This time, I will eat before I go so at least if I need to barf, there will be something inside of me except bile!

Well yesterday, the bringing up the fish quilt pattern got me moving on it.

I retraced all the fish.  I then flipped the pattern over to the right side and stared at it for a long period to figure out a color scheme.  I decided that this would not be the only one I make so I thought the first one would be very colorful.

I cut the patterns out and then just grabbed some 1/2 yard pieces that came out of my gradations cabinet.

I did two fish out of each color and the color was just randomly chosen, with a mix or lights and mediums and darks.  I hope to at least have all the fish ready to sew down before I return north.

Thanks for all the input on the 'fun and glamorous' dress code for the weekend dinner dance.  I decided on a dress with a tiny bit of bling, lots of jewelry and cow boy boots.  I think.


Robbie said...

Can't wait to see pics of you in your 'bling'!! Fish will be great!!! love all the colors!!!
Are my eyes just getting worse or is 'blogger' teasing us with the numbers that are blurry!!! How the heck can you 'prove' your not a robot when numbers aren't clear! Geezzzz It didn't like my number so I'm trying again!!! Now this one is only showing half the number! WTF!

Deb said...

Tommy, you just gave me a big ah hah (sp?)moment when you said that as you began to contemplate the color scheme of your quilt you knew you would make more of that same one so you just grabbed fabrics and dove right in. That's a stage that's always hung me up in the past, but now I think I can approach all art quilts with that same thought, I'll make more of the very same thing, so it doesn't really matter what I exactly choose. It doesn't have to be perfect with the very first one. Before I'd stress out so much thinking that this one was going to be "The Master Piece!" Now, I'm just going to be saying, "I'll just make more" and then work out the kinks as we've seen you do so many times. Oh my goodness, this is life changing for me in my art! Thank you for being so honest and showing us a glimpse of yourself. It has not gone in vain and I'll keep reading for more wonderful insights! Oh and PS: I started really seriously dyeing fabric because of our post ages ago on Carol Soderlund's Dye Class...Thanks again for sharing a piece of yourself!