Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Iconic Chefs

Two major restaurant icons in the Chicago area recently past on. They just came up with the final diagnosis of what killed Charlie Trotter at such a young age of 54. He had a stroke. He was suffering from high blood pressure and maybe he wasn't taking meds or wasn't put on them to begin with. G and I lived two blocks from his insanely famous restaurant on Armitage in Lincoln Park in Chicago called Charlie Trotters. Once or twice we were able to sit in the kitchen where there was a table set up and you could watch the work going on while you feasted. I had a favorite chef when I went to culinary school that worked at Trotters and he had lots of stories. One such story was that daily the staff went out into the alley and cleaned the restaurant dumpster, inside and out. I believe it. You could eat off the floor in his establishment. After 25 years he closed his doors. That was a couple years ago. This past Sunday, Jean Banchet, another famous Chicago area chef, died after being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer three weeks ago. He was the guy that brought five stars to an authentic French restaurant in Wheeling, a Chicago suburb. We went there years ago. It was lovely but very expensive. He was 72. Did you know that the tax on one pack of cigarettes in Chicago is $7.17? Just the tax! It's amazing that anyone who lives in the city would still smoke. Rachael Ray can almost eat a whole day on that!!!! We went south before the time change and now, everywhere I turn I have the wrong time in my brain. I know what I am going to do today!


Beth in TN said...

My parents loved Charlie Trotter's restaurant! So sad that he closed and then died so young!

Robbie said...

Glad you made it home safe and sound! Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy the day!!!