Sunday, November 17, 2013

Loving The Process

Because we had so much drizzle, the lanai deck, where I pass to go from the studio to the house, was too wet for me to rush to and from in order to use my big slider in the great room for a light box, so I decided to walk on dry flooring and fight with the bump of my studio slider center and work inside the studio.  Not as much exercise but well worth the non broken bone.

This first try of the fish quilt seems to be quite colorful.  Hopefully I can arrange the fish around the edge of the inner circle so you won't be able to see that it's so abrupt.  This drawing will probably take lots of work.

I treat myself to food network and cooking shows while I am sewing on the weekends.  I was getting caught up on Top Chef and happened onto a quick fire challenge where everything in the kitchen was covered with Reynolds Wrap foil.  Everything.

The equipment, the cutlery and the food, fresh, and frozen and canned, jarred, and boxed and refrigerated was completely wrapped and covered with foil

Two of the judges mom's came in and the remaining contestants were split up into two teams of seven got a mom that got five minutes and a grocery cart and picked out everything that the team could use to make food.  The teams had to use everything (food wise) that the mom's put into their cart.  It was really something.  It was amazing what these chefs could do.  I would be peeing my pants.

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