Tuesday, November 12, 2013

New Family Member

My up north pal Micky has a place in the Tampa area that she visits from time to time. She's a Florida girl at heart. She went to college in the area too. Anyway this particular trip was especially important because she is getting to take her golden doodle home for good.
Meet Tilly, short for Matilda.  She is a five month old golden doodle that took most of a year for Micky to finally get.  She ordered her before she was even sired.  Tilly was chosen out of a litter of 14.  She was chosen for her temperament because Micky wants to train her as a service dog.  After being weaned she went to boot camp to learn how do follow commands, to swim, to be potty trained and everything else that's pretty much a pain.

She is very lovable and a great laid back dog.  She fit right in with all the dogs at dog park.  She even liked the ride on the golf cart!


wpritchett said...

My neighbors are on their second labradoodle. The first one fell off a cliff at Turkey Run State Park, two years ago, and it killed him instantly. Very sad!
They are good dogs, I just hope Tilly doesn't chew up the bed and fringe on the rugs! Ha.

Robbie said...

Remind me to do this when I get my next dog...those puppy days were tons of fun..NOT! Potty training was a breeze...it was the rest of it...but I love my little Kalee! Neighbors have a labradoodle..I call him Marmaduke!! They are good dogs...does Bella like Tilly?