Thursday, November 21, 2013

Party Food

 Bad timing for my camera battery because, even though I can share some of the food at my cocktail party (renamed 'pig out party'), less than half way down the counter, it died and that food documentation will be gone forever.  I will share what I have.

First picture, which I have already passed, is my coconut shrimp.  It took a bit of time to get the breading components to my liking, but in the end I was happy with them.  I added an orange mark/stone ground mustard/ rice wine vinegar dip and a barbeque/hoisin sauce mix dip.

This is wonderful lox with a wonderful sauce served on wonderful crackers.

Can you get better than a dip of pecans brie and bourbon served on water crackers with apples and pears?
Spiral baked ham sliders with spicy brown mustard really hit the spot.

To use up some remaining vegetables I had, I made quacamole with avocados, red onion, jalepeno. tomatoes and lime.
This is the last one I managed to take a pic of.  It's crostini with fresh tomato and goat cheese.  Everything was wonderful.  Wish you were here!


maggie z. said...

sorry to have missed it! everything looked fantastic!

Susan Turney said...

That's only half of it??? Your guests are so lucky!

Robbie said...

as usual, you outdid yourself!!! Looks almost as good as our dinner(s) you provided,,,almost! :)