Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Spill Proof

I just don't get blogger. Yesterday I had five paragraphs in my blog and it all came out as one big mess. I tried to fix it right now, thinking that time would cure all but no such luck. The paragraph separator will not work. Hopefully that is a one blog only occurrence but now that I think about it, it has happened before.

 I was so excited when I saw Wilton mini cupcake paper liners on clearance at JoAnn's at my one and only visit there while in Florida. I bought them all and went to make mini cupcakes yesterday (a ritual I always make when getting together with all the wee ones in the family) and had to pitch them all and run to the store for paper ones. The clearance cups were foil and you could barely separate them and when you did, they were all out of shape and pretty useless.

While I was rooting around the cabinets for more mini papers that weren't Christmas or purply pink theme (very popular with the young ladies!) I happened on this doodad.  I forgot that I bought it and what a pleasant surprise it was.  This thing (came from Kitchen Collection at the outlet mall) is the very best for filling cupcakes with no mess.  I mean NO MESS!  NO LEAKING AT ALL!!!!!!  It is definitely my new best friend.  Sorry Robbie!  I didn't even have to clean the muffin tins after I removed the finished cupcakes.  I did clean them tho'; creature of habit.  I actually remember that I saw this when I was looking all over the place for the tart tamper, which ended up being worthless and a waste of five bucks.  The trip was not for naught.  I am a happy camper!!!

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Robbie said...

I've been replaced by a DooDad! Well...heck! And it's not even a pretty color!! Maybe it just needs a 'ring' of beads on it!! Then I'd feel better being replaced!
p.s. I made some dishes ahead today for my 'brunch' on Sat. and my egg muffins STUCK to my muffin tin!! It's still soaking! Hash browns stuck on the about a mess!