Saturday, November 16, 2013

Working On The List

I barely got my fish quilt started and had to curtail it's production. We had to have the house video taped to put it on the market so I had to take the pattern and the quilt top start off the window. I decided to fill the down time with stuff on my 'to do' list.

Snap happy's were on the list so I  made three of them.    There are only two of them pictured because the other one is over at the house and I am too lazy to go over and get it.  The deck is wet from rain and I don't like to go back and forth all the time with my precarious hip.  I made that one very manly for G to house his various cords that go back and forth with us.

The top one in this picture is 12" wide and 10" high, to give you a size reference.

Both of these are flannel, left over from lengths of charity fabric.  I usually use the left over for bindings but flannel is a little to thick for me to work with in that capacity.  Therefore, I saved them for just such a project.

I also made two aprons to use down here in Florida.  I love these because they are billowy, have three pockets and are easy to plop on over my head.  It saves on clothing wear and tear, especially when using the long arm.  Those pins  can be mighty cruel.  Kinda like the bottom of your bathing suit when you sit on rough concrete.  You know what I mean, right?


Synthia said...

That's a terrific apron pattern. Is it your own design?

Robbie said...

Love your snap bags!!! Great stocking stuffers ya know!