Friday, December 13, 2013


When the temperature dipped below zero I tried to get Bella's sweatshirt on her. She knows what it looks like and so when she sees me coming she takes off. I have to surprise her. I finally got the thing on her a couple mornings ago and it was kinda sad how lethargic she became. Eventually, half way through the day I took it off her and told her that she was gonna get cold and that there was nothing I could do about it if she didn't wear her sweatshirt.
It's so cold in the morning that she goes a few yards and then stops and has to be carried home. She certainly can't easily adjust from 80ยบ down south to this cold.   I keep telling her that we will be in Florida in a couple weeks.

She is overjoyed to snuggle into my coat that I sometimes leave in the chair if I know I am going to use it again soon.

I love when she sleeps on her back.  It's such a trusting pose that my old dog, Mazy, never never did.  Bella has done it since she was a baby.


Claudia said...

She reminds me of Bea when she sleeps on her back. Bea loved that pose and so did we. So sweet. Tell her Aunt C loves her!!!!

Robbie said...

I have so many 'unlady like' pics of Kalee on her back! Every morning she lies on her back and makes us pick her up to get her out of bed! SO, so cute!!! Our Mandy didn't lay that way often..but she was 30 lbs. too...maybe too much wt on her back! :)

kay said...

My lab is paralyzed by any "clothing"! The kids used to put sports jerseys or funny t-shirts on her for pictures and she absolutely cannot walk or move. We bought her a life jacket to go boating - same thing. Luckily we tried it in the pool first and it was sink not swim.