Sunday, December 08, 2013

Claudia, My Muse

I can't even believe that even with my having all the ingredients out on my counter except for the yet to be purchased chicken breasts, that Maggie Z beat me to the punch
and already made Claudia's dish.  I had the chicken in the afternoon, but we were going out and, well, it got postponed until today.  Maggie used chicken tenderloins, fresh herbs and a small can of tomato sauce in hers.  She only cooked it for three hours in the crock and thanks to this recipe, she wants a bigger crock!  I need to tell that to her new daughter in law!

I would, and have time to change to fresh herbs,  but my herb garden has frozen and is dead to me and I refuse to go and buy it when I will be going south to another thriving herb garden.  Dried will have to do.

We went to see 'HG - Catching Fire' and going to the cinema is something I rarely do.  A lesson I have already known about after watching ' The Butler' not too long ago is not to go to the theater early.  Getting there even ten minutes early will delay the start of the movie for a good forty minutes.  It is ridiculous.  There are commercials and time outs and trailers.  I wanted to pull my hear out.  I should have brought my iPad!  Anyway, the movie was fantastic and it completely followed the book.  I have read them all and they are amazing.  And the force to be reckoned with is a strong FEMALE!  It's something you don't see all that often.  G tells me the third book, 'The Mocking Jay' is to be split up into two movies.  I will see those for sure.

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