Monday, December 16, 2013

Happy Happy

Miss Violet decided to do a little computer work this weekend in between her various other responsibilities.  She felt it necessary to have 'her' glasses on.  I only let that happen for a minute because even though they are readers (100 strength), still.  I  always worry about things like that doing permanent damage.  I am so old fashioned, I know.   By the time Violet is three (next month) she will be paying my bills on line; I am sure of it!

Our 41st anniversary loomed today and we got a big laugh in that we will be spending a portion of it at doctors!  G had a yearly check up last week and he is home for me today but also fitting in a bone density test and a full blood workup.

He stayed home from work because I need a designated driver for getting home after my 'spinal tap' this afternoon.  I no longer mind the 'twilight' procedures; first, because you can't feel the pain and second, because you get to come home and go to bed for a nap.  Frankly, I can't think of a better way of spending the afternoon.  Bella is mighty happy with those kind of days too. She's not real keen on taking long, leisurely walks this time of year.  Cuddling is more her style.

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Robbie said...

Talk about a mini me!! Or I should say Mini YOU! OMG...Violet is adorable and looks like her gram!!! Good luck with all your tests...I've not been good this year getting ANY of mine except mammogram (which was just a week ago)...take care and hope you enjoyed that nap!