Sunday, December 22, 2013

Mares and Does and Little Lambs

I have been busy the last couple days, getting ready for a bridal shower I hosted this afternoon.  Now that it's over (I'll blog it tomorrow) I will share the email I received from my sister in law Claudia.  It is too cute for words.

I read your blog on Friday and wondered what the hell the title meant "Little Lambs Eat Ivy"???? I saw the lamb, but still didn’t understand so I asked Bill and he said…that is from that song. What song, and he sang
Mares eat oats
And Doe's eat oats
And little lambs eat Ivy
Kids will eat Ivy too
Wouldn't you. I said are you kidding me…so after 65 years I finally heard the correct words. Here is what I thought that song has been about for 50+ yrs

Dosey Dotes
And Marsy dotes
And little lamsy divey
Kiddely divey too 
Wouldn't you?
I'm so ashamed

And this is one of the reasons why I love my sister in law!


Robbie said...

Well, for heaven's sake! I was raised on a farm (and so must have Bill!)...we both know the same song! Never knew the 'real' words...I like ours better!

judy said...

Please tell your SIL she's not alone. I always thought the words were very similar to what she wrote. Huh. Never too old to learn!!!! Judy