Friday, December 06, 2013

More About Me

Donna and Kris,

I must miss something because I thought I was pretty clear as to what I do with the turkey.  I made twenty two meals for two for the freezer, which we both use ourselves (some we take to Florida) or I give it away, both to family and friends.  I am always always available for a quick dinner for someone in distress or need.  I love to cook as is pretty obvious.

As far as the 'one family rule about presents' I may not have been as clear.  We have been discussing the escalating amount of gifts we give each other on Christmas morn for quite some time.  I am the worst at the school of overdo and I will happily admit it.  But just because I can and like to shop and give doesn't mean the burden should be passed along to everyone else in attendance.  So, after much discussion we have decided to limit gifts to one for each person.  All of my children can receive a gift from G and I.  In return, they can give us one.  The little girls can get one gift from each of us in attendance.  All other attendees will draw names and each get one person to buy a gift for.  So, this year, I only have seven gifts under my tree for Christmas morning.  Normally there is probably fifty or more.  I still buy for the little ones (under high school) and one name drawn for each person over that age for the Fitzsimmons Christmas Eve celebration that I have been attending, non stop, for 43 years.  I am a sucker for tradition.

The crafts I make during the year, especially around Christmas are almost always given away as gifts, either planned or just to get rid of more 'STUFF'.  In fact I usually have someone in mind while I am making them.  I have cut down my stash of seasonal decorations.  I am, believe it or not, very minimalist.  I like clean and uncluttered.  I don't like anything that is there just to collect dust, mostly because I am not a very good duster!  I tend to break things.

This Christmas my sister and I have a wonderful craft planned for all of us.  I can't wait.

Oh, and no pictures today?  What's wrong with me!

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