Monday, December 09, 2013

No Care

Gordon and I got a delightful visit from a very old friend who just so happened to be passing through the area on the way home from a work related meeting.
She sure looks great and I should have taken her picture but we were gabbing so much that it never crossed my mind.  Her name is Peggy and we nicknamed her No Care way back in our pledge days of sorority life.  Here she is in our wedding party and is the redhead on this end of the picture.  She is standing next to G's big sis who is a red head too.  I am still proud to say that I made these jumpers.

Peggy was thoughtful enough to gift me my first poinsettia of the season.  I didn't make the connection until she left that I am guessing that she brought it with memories of carrying red poinsettia at my wedding, 41 years ago.

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Gayle from MI said...

I love when you show your wedding pictures. I took so much flack from my mother in law for having the girls wear home made fall colored plaid dresses in my wedding. I feel so vindicated!