Sunday, December 15, 2013

Pillow 2013

I believe that, even as slow as the USPS can be, all my thirty Christmas pillows have been received by their recipients.

My pillow this year was inspired by this reindeer fabric I bought a few years ago from a local quilt shop.  Some years I am searching around for an idea but lately (maybe last ten years) I have always been a couple years ahead with ideas.  That is due in part to helpful ideas and suggestions from friends and family.  I even have the how to's down for the next two years pillows.
This reindeer head is my take on the tiny one on the fabric itself.  I had to use three layers of white  fabric, fusing the layers, so that the background fabric didn't show through the white.

This is the back of the pillow.
To make the enclosure card, I fused some of the left over fabric to a card front.  I made sure that all the cards had the names of all the reindeers on it.  Okay, that's done.


Corky said...

I always look forward to the pillow reveal. These are adorable. Do you display a full set in your house too?

Gayle from MI said...

Very nice!

wpritchett said...

how do you construct them? zippers? Argh!!

Robbie said...

I love seeing these each year too! Just great!!! Did you start making one for the grand girls too??