Thursday, December 05, 2013


This is the finished product of making the 64 cups of turkey into freezable turkey tetrazzini.  Two are missing from the picture; one was given to a friend that stopped by and the other was in the refrigerator for dinner.

I did have to hit the local store twice for first eggs and butter (not so much for this cookfest but for today because when I get home from the day long venture to my dermatologist, I will be making multiple cakes for the union meeting at work tomorrow (G's work, not mine).  Then I realized I was severely low on dry sherry and while I was at it, shredded cheese and marsala wine could use replenishing.

Christmas shopping has been cut to almost nothing, now that we have imposed the one gift rule to the family.  I was the worst culprit so I find it the hardest to abide by and the simplest to abide by.  What's up with that?


SpikeMuffin said...

Since you're buying Sherry and Marsala you might as well pick up a little Chardonnay!

Robbie said...

So you 'sew' in your spare time, right!! You are one productive 'little' lady!