Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Snow Removal

Can you imagine even wanting to go outside bundled like this?  It didn't faze Violet one iota.  She could have just as well had been dressed for the beach.  She loves the outside so much, especially snow.

She helped with the snow removal, although the shovel did little work, but not for her trying!  We removed snow from two covered cars (about six inches deep) and Violet was a major big help (REALLY!)  She never stopped working; that is until she saw the golf cart in the storage room adjacent to the garage and that was that.  She pretended driving for at the least, 45 minutes and by that time she no longer was wearing her gloves.  She wasn't fazed at all.  She is no delicate flower.

I bribed her for a half hour with all sorts of treats; mostly because if she stayed in position, so did G.  In the end, cookies and hot chocolate won the day and she joined us in the house.

It was applesauce for Charlotte and me.


Kay Koeper Sorensen said...

A Michelin man jacket!312 rgardoum

Robbie said...

What wonderful memories...and you'll have your blog book to look back on them!! With words & pictures! I look at some of my old pictures (in a box!) and wish I'd have written some of my thoughts or our actions on the back of them! Guess there's some good from the internet and blogging! Happy Holidays!