Thursday, December 12, 2013

Stanley and Me

Gordon and I were honored to take my brother Bill to a Blackhawk game last night.  He was visiting Chicago for a job that would take all week and we thought it would be a nice break to go into the city and meet up with him and our Stanley Cup team.  We almost didn't make it, because an hour into our travels, we ran into a traffic jam that ended up with the whole expressway closed off and detoured onto side streets, due to an accident.

We made it just in time for the national anthem (one of the high points of the game) and my brother had just gotten to our seats too.  It appears that a little snow screws up all expressways!

And then the family reunion started.  Well, that is, in a manner.

Everywhere we looked, there it was, our family name.

It just so happens that our star player, Patrick Kane, has
 the same surname as my maiden name and by brothers surname.

So, we could stretch our imagination and

give ourselves a little, shall we say, PARTY!

Well, we were down by a goal when the first period ended and we hit the bar for some food.

I had, by this time, become a real Kane stalker.

I think I might even have embarrassed my boys.

Well, within ten minutes of sitting our butts down in the stadium club, we, the Chicago Blackhawks had three goals  compared to two that the Flyers had.
We ended up winning by a massive score of 7 to 2.  It was a great game after a slow start.  I have dozens more pictures of Kane, if you need a family fix.

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Claudia said...

Wish I could have been there. Bill had a great time. If he has a visit there again, and you are in IN, I should come and we can get together