Monday, December 30, 2013

The Driving Ritual

We are safe and sound in Florida.  It took us about five more hours to get here than normal.  There was some sort of storm somewhere (yes, I am highly intelligent) that affected us somehow.  Lots of drivers were going 10 mph due to the drizzle of rain.  It doesn't bode well with G who likes to set the cruise at 80.  The weaving in and out of lanes does serious damage to my overstressed back.  Even Bella gets car sick.

All and all, I am rethinking, as I always do, the two day drive to somewhere where you don't have to shovel snow on a daily basis.  Kentucky?  Tennessee?  Georgia?  I hear Savannah is pretty cool.  Me hanging out with Paula Deen comes to mind.  Is there a seasonal group that goes to Austin, TX?  I have always loved that town.

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Robbie said...

We finally arrived yesterday after fitfully driving & drivers...this is the most traffic we have seen in 10 years driving to florida! Accident kept us STILl for 45 min...but we are here safe & sound as are you! Enjoy the winter...we took kalee for her first golf cart ride today...