Friday, December 27, 2013

The End Of The Year

Hope everyone has survived Christmas!  I am busy tearing down the holiday decorations and packing up to head south, all the while getting the house here ready for a New Years Eve party WITHOUT ME! !!!!!  I am taking off blogging for a couple days so that I don't get frustrated on the road and then I need to settle down  and get warm.  Let's all end 2013 with fun,  laughter and maybe one of us will win the lottery?  We can only hope.


Robbie said...

we're in Richmond,KY. had dinner now chilling! had a great trip down. high of 50 at one point. hope you have a safe trip!!!! we leave for Macon in the a.m. but no margarita,,,boo boo!

barbd2 said...

Sooo sorry we couldn't connect. I'll see you in the spring and we'll do something VERY FUN together. Happy New Year!! Hugs, b