Monday, December 02, 2013

Watch The Wind!

My brother and his wife, Bill and Claudia, usually spend Thanksgiving with us so they were sorely missed this year. They spent the holiday with Claudia's brother and his family that have been abroad for a few years but were back for turkey day. The trip from St. Louis to Peoria is considerably shorter than it is to the Chicagoland area, so who can fault them?

 Anyway, my brother managed to sneak away for a bit to go and check out our old neighborhood that we were teens in that got hit by a tornado a couple weeks ago.
As odd as this sounds, it wasn't as flattened as the ariel photos seemed to portray.  It obviously is a tear down but I was shocked to see the two light fixtures on either side of the double door entry still intact.

Check out that odd cross three quarters down the hall of the now gone second floor.  An omen?  The yard seems to be completely gone.  Where does it go?  Carried away and then dropped when the force of the wind tames down?  I should have paid more attention when I saw Twister.

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Mike said...

The odd cross is a telephone poll. Unusual because most of our power lines are underground now.