Tuesday, December 31, 2013

What Did You Hear?

It had to take us a trip to Florida to FINALLY eat some of the wonderful walleye fish G caught with his brother last summer in Wisconsin. We had it cleaned, sectioned and frozen and there it sat, in the freezer, until I thought to bring it down to Florida where, nine times out of ten, if there are fish tacos on the menu of a restaurant I am at, I order them. It was wonderful. I prefer flour tortillas but went with G's favorite. What a gal!

 I turned on the tv one day a few days ago and there was a rerun of a Jimmy Fallon show (it was the Esquire channel)Anyway, this kid,
Joseph Gordon Levitt, was on promoting his movie called Don Jon.  Fallon, Joseph and a tall
comedian from England were having a lip sync contest.  So when it's Joseph's turn he does the Elton John song, 'Hold Me Closer Tiny Dancer'.  But what I thought I heard was

'Hold Me Closer Tony Danza'.  I  chalked it up to old age hearing and that was that.  That is until I saw a commercial for the movie and saw a shot of Tony Danza.  I did some investigative work and found out that this misquoted lyric has been going around for years.  Where was I when all this was going around?.  Anyway, Tony plays Joseph's father in the movie. There


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SpikeMuffin said...

That song was part of a great scene in "Almost Famous"!