Monday, December 23, 2013

What A Pig!

The girl next door is getting married. Oh, okay; she's

been living in Texas for quite some time.  But everything else is happening.  Molly, who shares my love of all things PORK (pigs in general), will join names with her beloved Doug next April in Arizona.

Her mom is my next door neighbor and fellow bowler and fantastic friend.  I threw a bridal shower for Molly yesterday.

In no apparent order is some stuff from the shower.  The main lunch meal was chicken picata with asiago potatoes and a brussels sprout pancetta veg side.  Grand.

My flower gal Jane, never fails to amaze.  Molly's bridal colors

are coral and sage with a little bling added, just to liven things up.  I had to add my two cents by supplying dessert, consisting

of strawberry porky pig cupcakes and an equally piggish

app of pigs in the blanket.  Yes, there are four little pigs in a blanket, garnishing the other oinkers.  Hey, it takes great minds!!!

1 comment:

Robbie said...

And I assume you made the main course as well? cupcakes are perfect!!! Adorable!!! You are the best!!! Happy Holidays, my friend!