Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Wreath Tut

I got tons of requests for both the wreaths directions anda button tree  tutorial. I have a couple morning appointments so I will start with the wreath, mainly because all the components are out (in disarray) in the studio.
When I was suspiciously close to being out of the crystal headed corsage pins that I was using for the green felt flowers, I decided to stop and just finish up with the flowers themselves and put them together later.

The wreath construction is very simple.  I purchased two yards of three different colored green 72" cotton felt and a yard (way too much) for the red flowers (three groups of three flowers).  I cut enough of the two inch strips for more than 4 wreaths (styrofoam wreath, 12" wide at the outside).  You just fold the felt striip in half lengthwise so you end up rolling a one inch double strip from one end to the other.  At the outside end I folded the felt under so there was no messy end sticking out.  The directions called for sewing it secure but we ended up opting for a small straight pin to hook it secure.  It worked just fine.

After making the rolls, you stick the center of the green ones with the crystal corsage pins and put them on the wreath very close together.  Regular pearl white topped corsage pins are used for the 'flower' rolls (the red ones). You finish it up and add some ribbon bows here and there or just one, as I am gonna do. I need to get more pins today.

Now, get busy!

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