Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Almost Famous

Little did Bella know when she wanted to get out off  the cart to say 'hi' to a visiting dog when she realized that the dog was more than a little famous.

This just happens to be Miss Beazley, the former President Bush and his First Lady Laura's  proud bow wow.  And to take a little kudos, Beazley is in a dog stroller because a couple years ago, on our power walk, the former First Lady and Maria, her right hand gal, happened to be passing in the street and Laura asked who was in the buggy? and out popped our Bella, just taking a rest from a wickedly hot and sticky walk.  They liked the idea and got one for Beazley.  What a trend setter my Bella is!

1 comment:

Robbie said...

This would only happen to you (&Bella)! How funny! What a Trendsetter you truely are! Bella doesn't look impressed!