Friday, January 17, 2014

And On And On

I finished up the little
sweater that was almost finished anyway.  The worse (or worst?  I don't know) part of any sweater making is the finishing.  All those threads have to be woven in and the seams have to be sewn and MATCH.

As always, Debbie Bliss doesn't cut any corners when it comes to designing for babies as well as adults.  You don't see this squared off under arm very often.  It's usually just a straight seam but this looks and wears so much nicer.
Even the edging has a little six row change up in stitching before the contrast color roll trim is started.

This is a great book if you want a versatile baby knitting pattern book that you can change up a bit.  The range is from 6 months to two years.  I think the two tone sweater with the kid with hands in the pockets will be my next to next knitting project.  It's very polo.


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sophie said...

All the details make that little sweater so special. You mentioned not putting an initial on the front in an earlier post. Did you consider adding it later using duplicate stitch? That would also make it easy to remove again if a subsequent wearer of the sweater had a different initial. With it or without it, it's a really great sweater. Brava!