Thursday, January 23, 2014

Cancellation Policy

I decided to cancel my Weight Watchers Monthly Pass today.  I joined originally so that the local  charter could get up and going and thought the meetings were fun but I have never spent one meal thinking of WW, and figured that if I needed a social gathering I could easily choose one that I don't have to pay for.

So, making canceling easy?  Oh no.  They go on and on how easy it is to cancel and rejoin when it is merited but they have the website rigged so that you, ever so coyly, can't get to the right page.  I spent over an hour trying to cancel and finally had to shut down the computer and chose Firefox instead of Safari to re enter WW.  This time I got through and cancelled.  What a racket.  They got the first three months paid for.  Somebody's thinking over at WW.

Don't get me wrong; of all the weight loss help out there, I feel for the most part that WW is the most effective and long term, letting you live a normal life without needing a home loan to buy food.  Hum, all this talk is making me hungry!

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