Saturday, January 25, 2014

Get Your Cold Weather Gear On

While playing the waiting game at the hospital for my tests, I happen to look up and saw a child's drawing on one of the acoustical ceiling tiles.

Then I wondered into another room and there were drawings there too,

that just make you smile.  They are all signed and dated.  There is just enough up there to where it
doesn't take over and you could possibly miss them altogether, depending how your eyes moved

I stopped off at my favorite yarn shop and what did I run into but a palm tree at the entrance that has a knitted sweater on it.  I wanted to ask how it came about but in the thrill of yarn and needles and patterns, I forgot.

This is a better close up of the 'jacket'.  I guess you could have it started and then have others join in on the creation.  Maybe have a knitting party where everyone brings some little left over balls of yarn and pass the 'jacket' from person to person while socializing and having fun.  It sounds like a plan.


wpritchett said...

My city of Crawfordsville, Indiana has a tree in front of the Arts Center that has been dressed in knitted clothing, too.
One year it was knitted, the next crocheted.
There's a name for the project, I'll see if I can find it. Several women in town do it and have one big "wrapping" day! So cool.

wpritchett said...

It's called "yarn bombing".