Tuesday, January 21, 2014


It is decided. On the 3rd of February (two weeks from yesterday) it will be out with the old (hip) and in with the new (titanium and ceramic combo) hip. There is a couple days of tests, and the first is Friday. It's mostly to detect bacteria on my body. The date will change if any is detected but I have my toes and fingers crossed and on occasions I can cross my eyes too.

Now the clock is ticking for me to find enough stuff to keep myself occupied and immobile for extended periods of time. If I don't have tons to do I know I will go crazy. I have already started the hunt for activities.


I finished up the borders on quilt top numero uno and have the backing sewn together and waiting for the quilting to take place.  Hopefully I will get all three completed before I am down for the count.  That is my plan.  We have cooler weather (fine with me!) for ten days or so and that tends to keep me inside more.  This top measures 65 wide and 74 long.  Let's get crackin'.

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Did you get my email & pattern??