Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Progress Report

The progress on the new quilt is considerable, considering that I have barely been home for two hours in a row.
Here are the blocks up on a design wall, which in itself was a job.  There was so much stuff on the wall that it took twenty minutes to clear it.  I am not near as fussy at putting blocks together as my cohorts but there are two things that are glaring to me in this set up that I will avoid with the other two quilts I have cut out.

First is this fabric that goes from concentrated dots to spare placement that I used for the light black and white.  The concentrated dots, ( is this pointillist?) while not really voiding the design, sure throw a wrench in the mechanics.  I will replace it with the other quilt tops.

Also, I knew when I was doing this (using the top triangle of the square as a 'light') that it would be borderline, but I wasn't willing to go out of my stash to make it 'better' so I used it and although it still reads okay, because I made a conscious decision to use it where it really didn't belong, it is a bit glaring to me.

Oh, and then there is this nut magnet, over the top picky you-knee perfectionist glaring at me, from the mirror.  Oh yeah, there is that.


Gayle from MI said...

Don't you just hate that?

taiqi said...

I like this pattern--have lots of black and whites. Can you tell me where to get it. Yep--I could probably figure it out --but Janet Wright, San Juan Island Wa