Thursday, January 30, 2014

Shortening The List

I just saw a commercial for Budweiser and the Super Bowl that was priceless. No, it's not gonna make me watch. The only way I would watch would to fast forward through the game and just watch the commercials. That's the kind of girl I am.

We are on our second day of constant rain. I am sure it's needed somewhere. Like maybe I could have saved myself a couple bucks by not having the pool girl fill up the pool for four hours the day before the rain started. Well, I have always liked the looks of an infinity pool.

I changed up the placement of this quilt top and because of the position of the diamonds, I ended up with a square center and I am not a big fan of square quilts, if they are to be used as quilts rather than hanging on a wall.  Our bodies are longer than they are wide (in most cases; sorry Grandma Mama)
and they don't seem to fit well if not a rectangle.  I eliminated that problem by adding another green and black strip to the end of two sides.  Now the thing measures 66 wide by 79 long (before quilting).  Now I am off to sew the red, white and black quilt top together.

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Robbie said...

Nice work my friend...oh, yep we did have margaritas, but because we are always so anxious to get there, we leave by 4:30!! Hence, I'm back home by 6! Just like most old folks in Florida! 😂