Thursday, January 09, 2014

Stick It Too Ya

We had another cold day yesterday and because it was the last day of G's friends being in town I decided to make them a stick to your ribs dinner. After all, they were golfing in 50ยบ weather!
 I was gonna first do stew but then thought of the love of lobster these two guys have so I decided to go with a chicken and lobster pot pie.  I followed Wolfgang Puck's recipe to the letter except for I added corn and peas at the last minute.  I used puff pastry for top and bottom and to eliminate the possibility of
pastry not cooking all the way through on the bottom, I par baked the underlining layer.
It turned out perfectly.  I don't have enough individual casseroles, being short two, so I made it in an 11 x 16  Corningware French casserole dish.  Just the thing for a chilly night.  I ended up with eight chairs filled at the table.  It was a great time, as always. This will definitely go in to my recipe book!


sistersoftheart said...

Looks really yummy! Love the black/white quilts with the splash of color too!!

Mike said...

That pot pie looks wonderful. Are the finished squares on the black/white quilt 6 1/2"?