Sunday, January 26, 2014

The Great CoverUp

I watched 'The Kitchen' on Food Network yesterday and it was all dedicated to the upcoming football games. For those of you who are big fans of Super Bowl parties should take a look at this.  It's called a snackadium.  I didn't
catch what the stadium itself is made of but I would guess it's got to be something like balsam wood or something flexible like that.  In fact, I am sure it's on the internet somewhere as to how to make it.  There are lots of sections for snacks, veggies, sandwiches, popcorn and sweets.  I think it's a darling idea.  You could use it every year or if you have a group you always party with, you could have it made and share it, like, pass it from one family to the next each year.  Just a thought.

I had purchased this sunbrella fabric on line to use to make slip covers for the seats of the golf cart.  I have slip covers on the cart now

but I just bought home dec fabric from JoAnns and figured it would not last under this hot sun but four years later, it is still perfect.

G started talking about getting the boat cushions re-upholstered and I opened my mouth
and what came out but more work for me.  There was a little duck tape underneath the covers because the sun likes to rot even leather.  These will last for awhile but I am gonna make him take the cushions off when we leave for the season.


linda sperling said...

Your talents astound me!!

Robbie said...

I have a dish for you!!!just made it tonight...go to eating bird and in her search widget type in: roasted broccoli & kale
This was so good!!!can't wait for leftovers!!!