Sunday, January 19, 2014

What's Your Number?

It has been 23 days since we had a phone working here in Florida.  Comcast just left.  They came at eight a.m. They were supposed to come tomorrow but the guy said, hey, tomorrow is a holiday so he decided to change it up and come on Sunday morning. The guy was lucky I was even dressed.

Here's the story.  We have internet problems all the time.  It was originally because the distance from the studio, which has the modem, to the house, passing over the pool, was just too much distance.  We ended up hard wiring both computers ( G's and mine).  Right before we headed north for the holidays, a comcast guy was here and said that we no longer needed to modems.  He took one and while we were freezing up north, the guy turned in the modem and so Comcast decided to close out our account, without letting us know.  In the interim, our phone number went in the the till and it was claimed by comcast's phone competition,

Centurylink.  It took us forever to figure this out.  G had to pay $80 to get the phone number back.

The phone still didn't work.  Then I opened the front door and there was a finished work order hanging on the door handle stating that the cable work was complete.  I had no idea what that meant.

I would guess that G has spent a good 15 hours on the phone to India talking to 'Matt' or 'Bob', to name a couple.

We found out this morning that we were both connected to century link and comcast.

The phone hasn't wrung yet;  The comcast guy has gone.  I loved to see that truck leave my driveway.  Time will tell.

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Gayle from MI said...

Jesus! You have had your share of troubles with connectivity in that house for sure! Oh and they all suck. Every single carrier. Mainly because they don't care.