Sunday, February 02, 2014

A Good Yarn

This is my plate after eating as much as I wanted of my pad thai. It is enough for three meals and I'm not talking little bitty meals either.  A family of four would be hard pressed to finish this.  As it was, G could barely carry to doggie bag out to the car!

I spent a nice couple of hours in a knitting store in Venice while my friend worked on making the thumb on a pair of fingerless gloves. It seemed very complicated and over my head.  I did some of my own knitting and then I went shopping ending up with this pattern

for both myself and Kathy and this yarn to make it out of.

We had to order size 17 circular needles on line so we can't start it for a week or so.  It's gonna be a joint project.

I was preparing some other yarn for  another project on the swift and was watching a heron outside and the yarn loosened up  (I didn't tighten it enough) and fell down

changing from a smooth and sleek oval to a mass of knots.  I am trying to see if it takes more time than it's worth to untangle, or if I even can.  Is my time worth the $12.95?

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