Saturday, February 22, 2014

Back In The Saddle

I have taken a couple days off this week. First off, I have three girlfriends here but they are leaving this weekend. They have been a great help while I recover from my hip replacement. I can't sit in the same way for very long so long intervals at the computer isn't the most comfortable.

We went on a field trip that was pretty funny. G went back up north for work and to trade in my old car for my new car. We needed to travel an hour to my doctors office to get my staples out. G's car is a jeep. Not only am I a cripple, but my girlfriends aren't exactly the type to bounce up and jump into the back. We ended up practicing getting in and out with the aid of the kitchen stool. It was comical. The stool took the field trip with us, as was required.  We even had to cut down on stops we wanted to make due to the embarrassing fiasco of getting in and out of a sports jeep. And what a day to wear a dress! What was I thinking?

 We arrived at the office and I went in by myself, thinking having girlfriends with me was a bit dorky. 32 staples were removed from my six inch scar(I just measured it with my sewing tape measure!). All is going well. I can do most things. The oddest thing about the whole procedure is lengthening my right leg by 12%. I feel so crooked. I am guaranteed it will pass, and I truly believe it but in the interim I feel a bit like the leaning tower of Pisa.

   Here's my baby looking adorable with a dirty mouth.  My girlfriend Anne took over the walking details for the whole week.  I am venturing out myself a bit to get back in my own rhythm.  Bella keeps bringing me the ball to play and just doesn't get it that I can't play with her.

Two blocks from the doctor was a fantastic quilt shop.  We were giddy with excitement.  More of the quilt shop later.  We found a restaurant a few doors down from the shop so we didn't have to get in and out of the jeep yet again.  My first outing in 18 days was a huge success!!!


Gayle from MI said...

Oh! How wonderful for you. The staying in would do me in I think. Well maybe not the actual staying in but the "telling me" I had to stay in I guess I should say. Heal up quick!

Robbie said...

Amazing how 'getting out' can feel so wonderful! My hubby couldn't wait to swing his golf club...which he did at 4 weeks...actually played 9 holes!
And the 'new length' in the leg does even out! Hubby had the same as did my friend!! She was really funny at first walking...but she's "normal" now!! Take care