Sunday, February 16, 2014

Changing Of The Guard

I was feeling a little sorry for myself yesterday.  I want to feel like a new woman, not some crippled hag.  But I bounced back, walked around the pool 10 times without the aid of anything and made up my mind to settle, just like I tell Bella.  She is so cute.  I walk about a block an hour but she is right there by my side,  doing laps around the lanai.  I go for the longest way around and she just follows suit.

Gordon left me for a week today and I think that was part of my problem, thinking about being left alone.  But don't feel too sorry for me; my three quilting buddies are flying in this afternoon to take over and my friend Kathy is coming over (like she does most days to knit)  to walk Bella.  It will be strange having the girls take care of me.  Like, 'would you mind putting on my shoes?' and 'hey, can you wash my back?' not to mention making all meals, taking care of Bella and basically being my maid?  I gave them fair warning and they choose to come anyway.  My kinda gals.


Gayle from MI said...

When you are a good friend, your friends are good to you. Therapy works wonders for your recovery so once you start that, it will be clear, although probably painful, sailing.

Robbie said...

So glad you are feeling better and YOU will be waited on! Enjoy time with the girls!!!