Saturday, February 08, 2014

Home Again

I returned home Thursday night from my four day stay at the hospital where I got a new and improved ceramic and titanium hip.

I thought you would like to see the random pictures I took with my iPhone until it ran out of juice.  I neglected to take the charger out of the car so I only had a day of phone.


Within a half day after surgery the rollaway table looked similar to my end table next to the couch in the studio.  I have to gather everything around and have it right next to me.  I was a little over thinking how I would feel and brought tons of knitting and reading to do and ended up doing nothing until the last night and day when I was feeling more myself.  The beautiful flowers were sent by the kids.

These leg covers were plugged in and they did heavy vibrations to keep the blood circulating to help avoid blood clots.  You can tell what leg was involved in the surgery by the color of the  wash that had iodine in it.  I kinda like having a little color for a change.

They made me get out of bed after a day to walk and sit for 30 minutes.  This is my bed waiting for me to come back.
This is why everyone loses weight in the hospital.  It pretty much left the room in the same condition it came in.  Saltines were a very good friend of mine!
This contraption was hanging off my right arm the whole time I was hospitalized.  There was a chance of a transfusion before I went home so that is the reason.  It never had to happen so right before I was discharged, the port was removed.  I was glad to get rid of it.

It's good to be home.


Robbie said...

Just sent you an email!! Take care!!! And post some nice of Bella! HA

Robbie said...

You are lucky not to have had friend did have to have one...I forgot about that and she was the first I had heard requiring that...must be a woman thing!

JustCallMeElle said...

Your hip bones produce a lot of your blood and with the replacement, there is probably the possibility that you would need the transfusion until the rest of your bones make up for it. Just guessing. I am a bone marrow donor and had low blood volume after the donation. :-)

Robin Walston said...

Glad you came through surgery so well. I think the socks they put on you in the hospital are oh so glamorous. They go well with the pulsating leg casings.
Welcome home.

Irene said...

Happy to hear you are home and everything went well. I'm sure a certain little miss was happy to see you and missed you.