Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Itching and Scratching

Bella has been itching like crazy and we can't see one thing that would make her do that. There isn't so much as a pink spot on her, let alone any critters. The decision was made at sevenish this morning when we were forced out of bed due to the itching. Bella was getting a bath.

 G has never given her a bath. It has always fallen on to me. I decided that if I can wash my hair in the kitchen sink, I can wash Bella there too, with the aid of the walker.  I had to get all the parts necessary for bathing, including soap, a towel in the sink so Bella doesn't slip, more towels and water already nice and warm.  I made G watch so in the future, if he had to, he could bathe the dog.  When the shampoo was rinsed off, G took Bella into two giant towels and proceeded to the lanai to dry her off.  He wasn't
on his 'A' game because within a minute she had escaped his clutches and was off into the workout room, playing the run and dodge game she likes to do so well when she is wet.

She is still dodging us and is almost dry.  And more to the point, she is still itching.  Oh dear.


Deb said...

Could she have eaten something that's giving her an allergic reaction? I know sometimes I have that issue and it's from some unknown ingredient in the food that's causing the itching. Hope she's feeling better soon!

Robbie said...

The first year kalee came to Florida she did the same thing...but then continued to scratch in Michigan too...she was on predisione for so long...I finally weaned her off it as she still scratched! She will occasionally scratch but only around her chin area...vet said she can have 1/2 benadryl tab (smallest mg)...it is something in the grass...poor dogs...& poor us!!! Hard to sleep when they scratch constantly!