Thursday, February 13, 2014

Knitting Bee

I finally finished up my sponge bath and feel like a new woman (NOT!!!) I can just feel the soap drying me up like a prune. I don't get my staples out for another week and no shower until then. I think they are worried about rust. Just kiddin' but maybe?
Soon to be born, Charlotte from Connecticut finally will have a finished sweater.  I just love the color.  Maybe celery?

I did the label, something I don't always do (laziness) but almost put Aunt Tommy on it.  I have no kin to her whatsoever but I wanna be her aunt all the same.

The next knitting project is getting underway.  Kathy had just got to knitting and Miss

Bella decided that it was the perfect time to jump up on Kathy's lap.  She is trying to continue knitting while not disturbing the mutt.  What we do for our dogs!

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Robbie said...

Well, glad you won't hubby had super glue holding his incision...really fact, I had a bad cut on my finger that wouldn't stop bleeding for two days...pharmacist told me to use super glue too!! Worked great!!!!take care!!