Sunday, February 09, 2014

The More You Know

This is very interesting.  As of July of this year, all Indiana realtors have to be brokers.  What do you think about that and why do you think they are requiring that?  My guess is to cut down on the volume of sales staff, making it a more specialized field, with more qualified employees.   The education is more involved in being a broker with a lot more continuing  education.  I guess it was the state board of Realtors that changed this policy.  Gordon told me about it; I didn't actually read about it myself.  I am very surprised that it is such short notice, unless of course, the actual people involved with this have known for some time.

Also,  the staff at the hospital I was at has a requirement that all employees have the flu shot.  Yet, oddly, the doctors don't have to.  If you decide not to take the flu shot you have to wear a face mask
for six or seven months.  Yikes, I sure wouldn't like that!

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