Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Tooth Fairy

Of course, because you can't go to the dentist for four months after a hip replacement (or probably any other body part replacement; I am only concerned  with myself) for something as small as a teeth cleaning, I have developed a toothache.  It has intensified to the point that I can't eat food on the left side of my mouth.   I can't even believe it.  Only me.  Gratefully, my dentist will see me this morning.  They can see what the dilemma is.  I can have an X-ray to eliminate most things.  I have gotten very screwed up with my normal daily practices, including taking vitamins, wearing my night guard to name a couple.  I thought maybe I was grinding my teeth and that was the problem.  We shall see.

My intent this morning was to blog all the wonderful things my gals made here in the last week, but it takes more time than I can give it this morning.  Tomorrow for sure.   You will be impressed.

Oh, my niece had a second baby boy and named him Leo.  Is that not the cutest  name ever?  I had to mull it around in my brain for a moment but then came to the conclusion that I love the name.  He is little brother to two year old Javi.  The family is really growing!


Robbie said...

Geez lady! What will we do with you! Hope It's not major..you'll have to take antibiotics every dental cleaning...

Gayle from MI said...

Yikes! Hope it's something simple.