Saturday, February 01, 2014

What's Going On

I have a couple dresses cut out to sew up.  I hope to get them done in the next couple days.  I actually bought two other patterns but they both call for a knit fabric which I didn't bother to look at when I was buying 100% cotton.  I need to pay more attention.

Hey, somehow  I managed to get my mail to not open up.  I use the mac mail with the icon of a spread winged bird on a blue stamp.  I don't know how I managed it but it will not open.  The icon is on the bottom of my screen with all the other ones and it says I have 87 messages but I can't get the program to boot up.  Anybody out there that can help me?  If nothing else, if I was supposed to get back to you, that's why I haven't!!!!

I am going with my friend Kathy to a knit shop for her follow up class on fingerless gloves.  I am going along just in case there is something in the knit store that I have to have.  I actually hit another knit shop on the way back from my pre surgery testing last week and have as yet to open up my bag of purchases.  I have a bit too much on my plate.  Big surprise there, eh?

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