Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Wow! Look What The Girls Made!

It appears that my tooth is just what I thought it was, an irritation from continued missing wearing my mouth guard at night.  I have a prescription for penicillin  but am waiting for the okay to take it from my doctor.  It's just a precaution but it makes me feel better.

Enough about me; here's part of what the girls worked on this past week.

These blocks were an exchange where everyone involved made their choice of block it the recipient's color way.  My favorite block is the send one down on the right.  It looks like the top of a present looking down at it.  This one was Jean Ann's.
Anne saw this quilt on the cover of a quilting magazine and came prepared to do it.  She started with yardage and got this whole quilt top cut and sewed together.

The fabric mix was very fun and eclectic.
Peggy made this table runner.  It is made with itty bitty pieces, lots smaller than an inch square.  It will look good anywhere!

Peggy also made this block with Christmas in mind.  It will be a cozy for the center of her table when  it's done.  It measures around 18" square.

The week was well on its way when we started and finished our group project.  It's called Pockets to Go and it's a rectangle box with pockets all around to put all those things that need to be close to your sewing machine.  Here we have a staging of our 'boxes' with a couple

extra totes (shown in front and made by Peggy.)

This is a picture of Annes box in full use right next to her sewing machine right after she got home.  I made one too, the first sewing I had done in two weeks!  I still haven't filled it.
Leaving off today is a bunch of half pieced blocks that Jean Ann worked on but then realized she was short some lime batik and so decided to finish it at home.

There's more but I am behind in my physical therapy exercises so I will post them at a later time.

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Robbie said...

Whew! So glad nothing serious with the tooth!!!!! Those little baskets are cute & useful!