Thursday, March 20, 2014

A Fish Out Of Water

Happy First Day of Spring!!!!!
Did you even know it was the first day of spring?  I didn't until I opened up Google.  We are hoping to close on the new house today.  I have my fingers crossed.

Here is some more of the art that Joanne does.  She is an avid shell collector and has tons and tons of baskets of the stuff.  She also integrates it into art.

This one was sectioned off in squares and they each have various sands and shells.  The orchid is not on the art!

This is a smaller grouping of beach found pieces that have also been glued down and spray painted white.  I wish I had thought of this!

Joanne sticks to the basics of Florida and the water in lots of her paintings.  Fish
are very popular
and her sense of placement and color are excellent.  The triangular white on the sides are lamps.  I
didn't want to mess with her zen.

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Robbie said...

Great art work!! So glad you aren't out in the streets...I might just walk by you!! How's the hip! I just spent two and a half days helping my said move & I am so tired, sore,just feel sick..think I overdid. You take care!!!!