Monday, March 31, 2014

A Little Early For Easter

Gordon has gone up north for the White Sox opener. He never misses it. Believe it or not, this year is supposedly warmer than previous openers. Who would have thought that!

While he is gone, Bella will get some much needed TLC. Today we are trying a new groomer and tomorrow we are going to get her teeth cleaned with out putting her under anesthesia. That should be interesting. A bunch of us from my previous dog park are doing it.
In the interim she is on the lookout for new friends.

I was looking out of the man cave yesterday and noticed that part of the yard was really dug up.  Upon further inspection I noticed

eggs that were cracked open and empty.  I thought about it and because there lots and lots of turtles on the golf course, I decided to google fresh water turtle eggs.
This is one of the pictures that came up which fit the same look of the eggs  exactly.  I keep trying to take a picture of the turtles (they are about 12" wide, on average, but they are very skittish.

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Robbie said...

So glad you got the right 'seat' for Bella! They love to look out! Haven't heard of teeth cleaning while awake but I sure like that idea. Hate having them put under. Sounds like you're getting around just great! Good for you!