Monday, March 10, 2014

And The Starting Bid Is?

We have to be out of the house in one week.

The studio
is a royal mess.  I had to wait for boxes and help to start packing it up.

 The wine was a little easier
to deal with.
I grabbed a couple of cute baskets and filled it up with wine that was gifted to us over the year.  (I did this last year too!)

It went to a fund raiser we attended this past weekend.  The starting bid was $125 and they went for $350 and $300. Not bad for a few minutes (and mega friends who gave me the wine!) of arranging in a basket, eh?  I also gave a baby quilt that went for $295.  It was a good night for making money for a worthy cause.


SpikeMuffin said...

I didn't notice any chardonnay in the wine baskets.

Robbie said...

Holy crap! Am I way behind in reading blogs! house is are out of there in a week!! What's up with that. I have a room where Bella can stay for the rest of the will have to be on your own...but you can come visit! Hope you find a sure don't want to be back up north...4-6 more inches tonight! Take care!!!